Refund Policy for Our Omkara Direct Under SEBI Research Analyst Registration

We value our customers and are committed to providing best services. Our clients need to realize that we do not offer a 100% guarantee on our Reports and hence cannot offer any refund on subscriptions regardless of the individual client’s performance. Once a service has been subscribed to and a payment has been made for the same, it can’t be canceled or refunded in any case. If for some unforeseen reason, the client is not satisfied with our services, they may write us to seek direction. We will give our best effort to increase the satisfaction levels in such cases. However, any request by the client to cancel a service or get a refund will NOT be accepted in any case.

We strongly recommend that before making a payment, our visitors and potential clients, please:

  • Read all information about our services and support given to our clients.
  • Read our Terms and Conditions.
  • Read our Privacy Policy and Refund Policy.
  • There is no refund possible in any case whatsoever.

Kindly make the payment after reading all terms and conditions, disclaimers and refund policy.

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